3 Podcasts About Love and Relationships

Podcasts About Love RelationshipsI’m new to the world of listening to podcasts, and I’m realizing there are just so many to choose from! Since my husband and I are in couples therapy right now, do you know of any podcasts that are specifically geared towards love and relationships? I want the podcasts to be as entertaining as they are helpful!

Yes! Listening to podcasts is a fun and engaging way to learn about the topics that interest you — and since you’re in couples therapy, choosing ones that focus on love and relationships is a great idea. Podcasts provide an opportunity to listen to stories of other couples, find out about new books that focus on relationships, or hear new ideas for how to spark intimacy.

To make our recommendations, we’ve turned to A Cup of Jo — one of our go-to online resources for all things lifestyle, motherhood, and relationships. We always discover new things reading Joanna’s poignant posts that tackle life’s joys and challenges with intelligence and humor. In two recent posts (here and here), Cup of Jo picked three podcasts about love and relationships:

When you’re needing the advice of a wise friend, listen to Dear Sugar

“Originating from Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond’s cult advice column on the site The Rumpus, the two are now together again in podcast form. They field questions from listeners, who are often at their most vulnerable, on topics like relationships and addiction; and then the duo provides warm advice. You’ll want to print out everything Cheryl Strayed says in her sweet, twangy voice as a motivational poster…”

When you’re feeling a little wild and free, listen to The Heart

“All about love and sex, The Heart has a way of turning what host Kaitlin Prest calls “deliciously smutty feminist audio pieces” into intimate stories that stay in your head for weeks. But: a quick listening tip. Almost any topic is fair game, from heartbreak to oral sex…”

When you’re wanting to know you’re not alone in your quest for relationship satisfaction, listen to Modern Love

“When the New York Times introduced a podcast version of its wildly popular column, Modern Love, some diehard fans weren’t sure it would have the same appeal as the written essays, which have been a weekly ritual for millions of readers since they began appearing in print in 2004. But the podcast is elegant and emotional. Plus, the stories are narrated by an array of actors, like Sarah Silverman, America Ferrera, Judd Apatow and January Jones. Prepare to listen to an engrossing collection of true relationship stories…”

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