You are extraordinary

Individual Therapist Bethesda, MD

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness week, the marriage and family therapists and professional counselors of Emily Cook Therapy in Bethesda, MD want everyone— our current clients and any prospective clients and all people everywhere– to know that we believe…

…You are extraordinary.

Every day, we as therapists and counselors have the honor to listen to our clients share experiences, memories, and dreams that are as ordinary as they are profound. The stories are sometimes painful, sometimes bittersweet, sometimes euphoric. The bravery and courage you show us by showing up to tell them is humbling. We know you have overcome challenges to get to our office– battling DC area traffic, arranging child care and rearranging work schedules, speaking up for help despite the lingering stigma of seeking help– and we consider the time we share with you sacred. You are growing, changing, accepting, feeling, learning, and by inviting us into that process, we are too.

As couples therapists, we witness vulnerability as partners offer empathy and create deeper connection. As individual counselors, we amplify the voice of self-worth as it emerges from the whispers of shame. As family therapists, we encourage honesty as families discover teamwork and common goals. As premarital counselors, we co-create a vision for your married future that is meaningful and exciting. As discernment counselors, we listen to the stories of a marriage’s past to find a path for the marriage’s future.

We hope you share this post with anyone who has sought therapy because we want them to know what we know: that seeking help is as much a well-researched decision to seek help from a mental health professional as it is a leap of faith. That trusting someone with your story can be difficult and scary but that therapists do their best to be worthy of hearing it.

That you are extraordinary.

Emily Cook Therapy features diverse and experienced individual counselors and marriage and family therapists who are known for helping clients achieve lasting, positive change. Read about our mental health professionals and choose one who is the right fit for you. Call us today! We can help.