Staff Therapist, Play Therapist, Family Counselor, Individual Counselor, Certified Family Trauma Professional // Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, Bethesda, MD

  • Clinical Degree: Couple and Family Therapy, University of Maryland
  • Expertise: Childhood Trauma, Childhood Behavioral Difficulties, Adolescent/Young Adult Anxiety and Depression, Adult Mental Health, Coping with Chronic Illness, Medical Trauma (all ages)
  • Available: Tuesday afternoon and evening, Thursday afternoon and evening; Friday afternoon and evening; Saturday afternoon and evening
  • Trauma Therapy Certification: Certified Family Trauma Professional
  • Play Therapy Certification: Registered Play Therapist (RPT)
  • 50 minute session rate: $180

About Anna White

Anna’s expertise spans individual and family therapy as well as play therapy, which she leads for the practice. Her extensive experience working with families and individuals of all ages informs her belief that each person is unique and has an innate ability to adapt to life’s problems. She takes a biopsychosocial approach to therapy, collaborating with clients to help them address any barriers to successfully adapting to their current contexts. A Certified Family Trauma Professional, Anna’s focus areas include childhood trauma, childhood behavioral difficulties, anxiety and depression in adolescents and young adults, adult mental health, and coping with chronic illness and medical trauma.

Anna received her clinical degree in couple and family therapy from the University of Maryland, College Park where she completed an externship focused on helping children who had been sexually abused. Her graduate thesis focused on the impact of positive and negative communication on mental health symptoms in couples. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and communication at James Madison University, where she worked as a one-on-one aid for children with autism and emotional disabilities.

In Anna’s Words

“Problems can pull family members away from one another and shake any parent’s confidence. Family therapy and play therapy can provide a safe and healthy way for you and your child to work through even the most challenging problems, and to learn new ways to connect and heal. Through these forms of therapy, your family can reconnect with authenticity, warmth, and a restored sense of fun.

For older “children” who are now adolescents or young adults, individual talk therapy provides a safe place for them to process their feelings, learn coping skills, and build healthy relationships with family and peers. For adult individuals, my goal is to help you reconnect with your genuine self, so that you can feel empowered to live a self-directed and fulfilling life. I am strengths-based, and I sincerely believe in your ability to make positive changes.

Guiding Principles & Values

Choice. In therapy with me, you will not be told what to do. I respect that you are the one in charge of your life and what you are seeking is support for that. The work to be done for change is yours to endure. The consequences, good and bad, that come with that change are going to fall to you. Recognizing that, it will never be my place to choose your path for you. Instead we will work together to identify the choices you have in front of you, what consequences come with them, and what you want to choose!

Playfulness. While therapy does often have difficult, uncomfortable moments, I believe in creating an experience people want to be a part of. At every opportunity, we will be creative together, play with ideas, and find humor in this process. Whether playing with toys or playing with ideas, playfulness is a key ingredient in healing, motivating, learning, and growing for humans of every age!

Knowledge. Therapy is a place for you to learn who you are and who you want to be. The knowledge you bring of your life and experiences and the knowledge I can bring about relationships, healing, trauma, and change are some of the most valuable assets we will have to use in this journey. Therapy, at its heart, is the process of making sense of what you know, and learning to tell yourself your story in the way that lets you be the author of what is next.”

Emily’s Endorsement

“When Emily Cook Therapy was ready to expand services to more intentionally help Bethesda’s children and families, Anna was the only person I invited to join my team. She is a deeply gifted child, adolescent, and young adult therapist who is a natural fit for families of all kinds. You will benefit immediately from her extensive experience working with children and adolescents in families facing complex issues such as trauma, mental health disorders, substance abuse, developmental delays, and diverse learning issues. And adults shouldn’t be worried about her ability to connect with them, too; Anna is an effective and supportive individual counselor who is passionate about helping people find their voice and make healthy choices for their lives. I’m confident she’ll provide the strategies and stabilization that your child, adolescent, young adult, whole family, or very own self is looking for.”


  • MS, Couple & Family Therapy, University of Maryland, College Park
  • BS, Psychology, James Madison University
Maryland Marriage and Family Therapy License #LCM643, licensed since 2015


Ready to get started with play therapy, family therapy, or individual counseling in Bethesda, MD? Give Anna White a call, she’s looking forward to hearing from you.

Anna White, MS, LCMFT is an independent contractor of Emily Cook Therapy, LLC and not an employee.