Play Therapy Services in Bethesda MD

What Can I Expect in Play Therapy for My Child?

Play therapy is the best counseling choice for children ages 3 and up. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s ability to participate in therapy, you may schedule a phone consultation at no charge.

We believe that you — their parent or caregiver — are the most important person in your child’s life. That is why we are committed to involving parents in the process of your child’s therapy. Length of therapy sessions may vary depending on your child’s age to respect their developmental level.

Play therapy can continue as long as it is helpful and effective for your child and your family. There are no requirements for the number of play therapy sessions within this practice. The number of each type of therapy session provided will be determined based on your family’s unique needs and preferences. Decisions for continuation and termination of therapy services will be made in collaboration between you and your play therapist.

After an initial family evaluation (90 minutes), which typically takes the form of a parent consultation plus a one-on-one child evaluation, play therapy will consist of the following appointment types as needed:

Individual play therapy: Your child will meet one-on-one with their therapist in our play therapy room. Your child will have a choice of many activities, including sandtray, puppets, storytelling and books, art, talking, and structured games. These sessions are either 50 or 30 minutes in length, depending on your child’s needs and abilities.

Family therapy:Your family will meet together with your therapist to discuss issues and progress, build and practice new coping and problem solving skills, and engage in activities and discussions to improve family relationships. At times, this will involve family play activities. This can be uncomfortable for some parents or adolescents at first, but typically becomes more comfortable over time. These sessions are typically 50 minutes in length.

Parent consultation: There are some conversations that are better suited for adult ears only. When needed, parent(s) will meet with the therapist to address barriers to parenting in the ways you prefer, best practices for managing your child’s behavior, and concerns and questions you may have about your child and their well-being. These sessions are typically 50 minutes in length, but may be up to 90 minutes when appropriate. It is expected that the child client and any other children in the family be under the supervision of someone other than parents during this time, following state laws for child supervision.