Eating Disorders

Outpatient Treatment for Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder Therapy Bethesda MDIf you are seeking outpatient treatment for an eating disorder, counselors at Emily Cook Therapy can help. Psychotherapy for eating disorders is an investment in your quality of life.

Our experienced and specifically-trained individual therapists, Nooshin Kiankhooy and Colleen McCarron, can help you work through the fear and anxiety associated with eating and exercise. They can teach you strategies to build healthy relationships with food and exercise. They believe that you are capable of making changes and will work to motivate the part of you that chooses recovery, even when this part seems small. Therapy for eating disorders often includes collaboration with other professionals, such as dietitians, nutritionists, psychiatrists, and family therapists.

Information about Treatment for Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are emotional disorders that can have severe physical consequences to both women and men. They can be potentially fatal if not treated appropriately, which is why eating disorder specialists consider it imperative to treat as early as possible.

Those suffering from disordered eating or negative body image include people using these behaviors and negative thoughts to cope with their mood and stressors in their life. Many individuals that are depressed and anxious tend to use food and exercise as a way of coping with painful feelings, trauma, or stress. Recent trends such as “clean eating”, detoxes, and #fitspiration, often stem from body shame, personal dissatisfaction, and a sense of loss of control. Your therapist can help you to pinpoint what you may be struggling with internally that leads you to misuse food and exercise. In therapy for eating disorders, different approaches are used so that you are able to better identify triggers and the deeper issues at hand. Nooshin Kiankooy and Colleen McCarron often use approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Emotion-Focused Therapy to help you get to a place of understanding, insight, and recovery.

Eating disorders are also likely to have a negative impact on family members, friends, and intimate relationships by interfering with honesty and connection. When people are malnourished or mistreating their bodies with excessive exercise or purging, they are not able to think rationally, which can affect interactions with others and interpretations of others’ actions. Your therapist will work with you to identifying relationships that are suffering from destructive eating behaviors or those relationships that are influencing them. It is often helpful to involve family members with treatment as needed, in order to allow them to practice communication skills and to educate them on your eating disorder.

You can be confident that by working with Nooshin Kiankooy or Colleen McCarron, you are working with an eating disorder specialist. Building a relationship with you that goes beyond the scope of traditional diagnoses, they specialize in helping all you who struggle with their relationships with food, exercise, and their bodies.

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