The Four Horsemen

My spouse and I aren't treating each other very well lately and I think it has to do with how we talk to one another. Neither of us feel good after a "talk" and it's not very loving. Can you help us understand what's going on, and teach us how to fix it? Geeze, this is…Read More

Birth Plans

My husband and I are expecting our first child in a few months. My OB asked me to start thinking about my birth plan. I'm an anxious person and I'm worried about the birth plan being carried out the way I want it to be. How can I approach my birth plan so I can be…Read More


Emily Cook Therapy has exciting news... We're moving! After just one year, the practice has out grown our office on Del Ray Avenue. We're moving across town to a three office suite with windows that look out onto a tree lined street. The building is the professional home to many psychotherapy practices--not only is it in…Read More

Giving up anger

Even though we've been to a few couples counseling sessions and have begun to better understand our relationship problems, I still feel so angry with my partner. I know I need to work on giving up anger, but it feels so hard to do.  You're right-- giving up anger is hard to do. Anger is a powerful…Read More

Betrayal and Trust

My wife cares more about her mother's opinion than mine. Even though we've been married for five years, she still involves her mother in decisions that I think should be between us, like our finances or how we take care of our baby girl. It's like she's on Team Mom instead of Team Marriage. There…Read More

Preparing for marriage

My girlfriend and I recently got engaged and her mom wants us to do premarital counseling. We're obviously happy - we're getting married! - so is premarital counseling something we need to do? What would we talk about? Congratulations on your engagement! I'm so glad to hear that you and your fiancé are happy and enjoying…Read More

A healthy communication strategy

My girlfriend is lazy and when she gets home from work she never helps with dinner or cleaning up. But when I tell her to help me, all she gets is defensive and we only end up in an argument. Is there a healthy communication strategy that will help us? I can tell you're frustrated with your partner's behavior,…Read More

Too busy for each other

Between our jobs and the kids and our jammed up schedules, it seems like we're too busy for each other. How can we stay connected when we barely see each other at all, let alone when it's just the two of us? Being too busy for each other is one of the most common complaints from…Read More

Is there passion without fighting?

My partner and I enjoy great passion, but I'm worried it comes at an expense-- when we fight, it's with the same intensity as our making up. I'm afraid if we learn to fight more fairly, we might lose our passion too. Is there passion without fighting? Of course! Making up after a fight feels so…Read More

Emily Cook Therapy is now blogging!

Great news...Emily Cook Therapy is entering the blogosphere! Many private practices use blogging as a platform to provide helpful information on a variety of therapeutic topics or issues, stay connected with clients and colleagues, and increase awareness of mental health. Emily Cook Therapy, a private practice in downtown Bethesda MD, is excited to now offer weekly posts…Read More