New working mom

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Second Saturday

My husband wants a divorce, and I'm not sure where to turn for help. How do I navigate the legal, financial, parenting, and real-estate decisions that are facing me--not to mention taking care of my own mental health? Are there any good resources for women like me in the DC metro area? Divorce can be one…Read More

Feeling Guilt, Not Shame

Are you stuck in the painful self-talk of shame? In this post, we explain the difference between feeling guilt and shame and offer new language to make amends... Read More

Are We Out of the Woods Yet?

New relationships can bring shadows of the past. Read another helpful metaphor from Emily Cook Therapy, with the help of Taylor Swift!... Read More

Know the Five Signs

Learn the about the Five Signs of Suffering from the Campaign to Change Direction. Individual therapy in Bethesda, MD can help... Read More

Welcome (back!)

Welcome (back!) to Emily Cook Therapy! Perhaps it's been a while since you've visited our website, or maybe this your first time. We invite you to take another look at our webpages--from our new practice welcome video on the homepage, to new associate therapist profiles (we're a practice of six!), to new services like career…Read More

Dating your spouse

Couples therapy has helped my husband and I make great improvements in the quality of our marriage. We're communicating better, compromising, and feeling hopeful again about our future. One of our recurring "homework" assignments is date night--do you have any suggestions for making the most of our dinner dates? Wahoo!! Major kudos!! You two sure must…Read More

Trapped in a cage that you built

I'm tired of feeling angry and hurt, but I can't help it! Loved ones in my life make me feel terrible sometimes, especially when we disagree, and I walk away from discussions either fuming or near tears. Why can't they just stop making me feel this way? Sometimes, I find myself saying to the clients in front of me,…Read More

Due Date Club

I'm newly pregnant and interested in connecting with other new moms with a due date near mine. I need some new-mom friends! And how can I find out about the best local resources and services for new parents in Bethesda? Congratulations on your pregnancy! The journey towards parenthood is filled with excitement, joy, and new…Read More


For a long time, I've been hurt emotionally by someone close to me. And, anyway, he is unwilling to talk about what happened or even admit that he hurt me. I want to let go of the pain and move on, but he doesn't deserve forgiveness. What can I do? When you feel forced between two…Read More