Anna White

Play Therapist, Family Counselor, Individual Counselor
Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, Bethesda, MD

Clinical Degree: University of Maryland, Couple and Family Therapy
Expertise: Childhood Trauma, Adolescent/Young Adult Anxiety and Depression, Parent Coaching
Available: Thursday afternoon and evening; Friday afternoon and evening; Saturday afternoon
Prepare/Enrich Certified: No
Discernment Counseling: No
Direct Phone: 202-524-0320

About Anna White

My extensive experience working with families and individuals of all ages has taught me that each person is unique and each of us has an inherent ability to adapt to life’s problems. In fact, most of the things we consider “symptoms” are in fact adaptations that make perfect sense when we unveil the context in which they developed. By taking a bio-psycho-social approach to therapy, we will work together to help you address any barriers to successfully adapting to your current context.

Do you feel disconnected from your child? Are you worried that life’s difficulties have driven a wedge between your child and their full potential? Many problems can interrupt family relationships and interfere with a child’s ability to succeed — including trauma, disease, disability, bullying, family conflict, and more. These problems can pull family members away from one another and would shake any parent’s confidence. When that happens, family therapy and play therapy can provide a safe and healthy way for you and your child to work through even the most challenging problems, and to learn new ways to connect and heal. For older “children” who are now adolescents or young adults, individual talk therapy provides a safe place for them to process their feelings, learn coping skills, and build healthy relationships with family and peers.

As your child’s therapist, my goal will be to facilitate healing and relationship repair in the most natural way possible for children, through play. For decades, play therapy has been helping children and families to process trauma, conflict, and other adversities to achieve deep neurological healing in a safe and comfortable way. As your family’s therapist, my goal will be to help you regain your parenting confidence and get back in touch with the insight I believe you already have so that you and your family can reconnect with authenticity, warmth, and a restored sense of fun. As an individual therapist, my goal is to help you reconnect with your genuine self, beyond the messages that have been influenced by anxiety or depression or trauma or stress. I am strengths-based, focused on providing opportunities for new experiences in session, and helping you use those insights in your life and relationships outside of our appointments.

I was trained in psychology and communication at James Madison University, where I received my Bachelor’s degree. During that time, I worked as a one-on-one aid for children with autism and emotional disabilities. I then went on to achieve my Master’s degree in Couple and Family Therapy from the University of Maryland, where I learned from world-renowned professors and participated in an externship focused on helping children who had been sexually abused. My thesis focused on the impact of positive and negative communication on mental health symptoms in adolescents and young adults. Since becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist, I have worked to help children, adults, and families heal from issues of disability, abuse, poverty, and conflict. In my free time, I enjoy reading about child development, psychology, playing with my dog and cat, spending time with friends, and keeping my body active and strong.

Endorsement by Practice Owner, Dr. Emily Cook

When Emily Cook Therapy was ready to expand services to more intentionally help Bethesda children and families, Anna was the only person I invited to join my team. She is a deeply gifted child, adolescent, and young adult therapist who is a natural fit for families of all kinds. You will benefit immediately from her extensive experience working with children and adolescents in families facing complex issues such as trauma, mental health disorders, substance abuse, developmental delays, and diverse learning issues. I’m confident she’ll provide the support, strategies, and stabilization that your child, adolescent, young adult, whole family, or very own self is looking for.

Anna White is accepting new clients. She is available Thursdays from 4 PM until 8 PM, Fridays from noon until 7 PM, and Saturdays from 2 PM to 6 PM.

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MS, Couple & Family Therapy, University of Maryland, College Park
BS, Psychology, James Madison University

Maryland Marriage and Family Therapy License #LCM643, licensed since 2015

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